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UAP Law Blog (UAPLB) is a forum for the exchange of ideas and the reporting of new developments in all aspects of Human Rights Laws, family laws, property laws, corporate laws, constitutional law etc.

The editors welcome submission to UAPLB. This can be in a form of op-ed pieces or reports on the findings of new research or on recent developments in practice.

Comments on UAPLB posts will be moderated. The editors reserve the right to reject or remove any comment. Bases for rejection or removal include (but not limited to) comments which are considered offensive, abusive, derogatory and defamatory.

The Editorial Board does not endorse the content of UAPLB or of comments made in response to UAPLB. Any view expressed in the UAPLB should be attributed only to its author.

Submit your articles on contemporary socio-legal analysis, ideas, innovation on the following issues:

  • Good Governance and rule of law
  • Access to Justice
  • Incorporation of Law and Technology
  • Contemporary Human Rights issues
  • Analysis on recent case Laws
  • Innovation and sustainable justice
  • Law and sustainable development
  • ADR and Restorative Justice Mechanism
  • Peace, Justice and international Cooperation
  • Legal Professionalism
  • E-security and data protection
  • E-Judiciary and E -Trial
  • Entrepreneurship, Banking and Corporate Laws and Practice

Word Limit: 900(Maximum)

Submission Deadline: September 30, 2021

  • We can consider only submission in English.
  • Authors may submit pieces that have been featured on other blogs and newspapers, but they should disclose the fact before submission.
  • Submission must be original work of the contributor.
  • Submission should not contain any advertising and marketing materials.
  • Submission should not contain content that could be considered offensive, abusive, derogatory and defamatory.
  • Authors are discouraged from using abbreviations unless they are of common use.
  • The editors of UAPLB have absolute discretion in determining whether to accept a submission for publication on UAPLB or not.
  • The editors welcome the submission from other law school’s students, Lawyers, UAP alumni, researchers etc.
  • Submission should be sent by email (in a word attachment) to akther@uap-bd.edu
  • Contributor should include their full name and affiliation, a suggested title for their blog post. They are encouraged to suggest the relevant keywords for their post.